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Review: Magnetic Mesh

November 6, 2015


This review has a long time coming, but seeing as how this blog was not live until this month, it's only going up just now.


Back in June, our back screen door had a sizeable tear in it, so I looked around for cheap options to repair and patch it up. I was browsing through my local Dollerama and found this Magnetic Mesh - Hands Free Screen Door for $3. 




The instructions were simple enough - stick the mesh to the perimeter of the door, matching the magnetic strips together, then simply walk through it and it'll close behind you on its own. Okay, so let's see the set-up!






 The adhesive was quite strong, but the screen still was reluctant to stick to it, and my wall around the door is stucco so pinning it in place was a giant pain. it looked kind of weird to be honnest, but let's have my sister Maddy and our dog Sammy test it out!




Not like that Sam!


Ease of use - 6 out of 10 

Style - 1 out of 10

Price point - 9 out of 10

Did as advertised - 1 out of 10

Overall Rating - 4 out of 10 tiny houses



Over-all, it was a great concept, but it just didn't seem to execute as well as it really should have. I ended up using the screen to replace the exisitng screen in my bedroom window and plan on patching the screen door when my pain is a little better. I give it 4 out of 10 tiny houses, only because the screen itself if pretty durable and a lot easier to clean than regular screens. Plus, I opened up the little plastic compartments that the magnets were held in and now I have an abundance of really strong magnets for crafting!



 Until next time, Cheers!



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September 11, 2016

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