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A Long Overdue Update

October 19, 2019

Well hello there internet! It's been quite some time since I've posted an update, what with solely relying on Instagram and Facebook for posting pictures between friends for the past while, I completely forgot about you! So lets see what's new, shall we?


One: I finally have a trailer! Ain't she a beaut? And yes, I know exactly what you're thinking: a red roof? Really? Yes, really! That way, I'll never lose sight of it - even at a tiny house festival.



Two: I got taller. Okay, maybe not, but the low ceilings in here definitely make me feel taller in here, I mean, who wouldn't want to feel taller in their own home?


Three: I learned how to connect plumbing on my own using a PEX fitted system shown below, more on that in a seperate post.



Finally, I'd like to thank all my family and friends because without you, I would not have even been able to conceive an undertaking this huge. I mean, I've never even used a table saw before! (Hopefully I never need to again, but I doubt my parents will let me get out of even the biggest of home renovations now.) Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed and I hope to thank you all with a lovely home cooked meal in the tiny house one day - once I find the right microwave convection oven.


Until next time my Duckies and my Spoonies!

- Theresa


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October 19, 2019

September 11, 2016

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